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Advocacy Needed - Make your voice heard

Calling all skateboarding enthusiasts and the community of Bannock County! Help make a new skatepark a reality! Send an email to the Mayor and City Council using the letter below, add your information, and spread the word. Together, let's show the Mayor and City Council how much we need a new skatepark! 

Email addresses:

Mailing address:
PO Box 4169
Pocatello, ID 83205-4169

Dear Mayor and City Council,

I am writing to you today to express my support for the construction of a new skatepark in Pocatello.

I am a local resident. I have seen firsthand the benefits of a safe and accessible place for skaters to hone their skills. Unfortunately, the current skatepark has become dilapidated and increasingly hazardous. The asphalt has become very rough and is unpleasant to fall on. Although I do appreciate the parks crew for doing their best in the maintenance, the ramps are in constant need of repairs. This makes it a risk for both the experienced and beginner skaters.

A new skatepark would provide a safe and healthy place for skaters of all ages to recreate. There are studies which show that skateboarding helps to create friendship networks, establish a social identity, develop a sense of belonging, meet new people and build connections with the community. It would also help to reduce crime in the Pocatello. Skateparks have been shown to deter crime by providing a positive outlet for young people to grow.

I know that there may be some concerns about the cost of building a new skatepark. However, I believe that the benefits of a new skatepark far outweigh the costs. A new skatepark would be a valuable asset to our community and would provide tourism dollars when people come to Pocatello to visit.

I urge you to fund the construction of a new skatepark in Pocatello. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, [Your Name]


        [City, State, Zip Code]